We have spent the last couple days relaxing, swimming and enjoying Jamaica to the fullest. We feel so blessed to be here and every day we have ever spent here has been magical.

One thing we did in particular was among the most amazing experiences Tom or I have ever had. We took the night cruise to the luminescent bay near Falmouth Jamaica. Somehow we were completely blessed to book it for a day not usually on their schedule, so a very nice private car picked us up instead of a full tour bus. We were late to get there, so the full boat left and they took out just Tom and I after everyone else got back. We watched a fire show and headed out to the best of only three areas in the world with bioluminescent algae. It was truly an incredible experience. As we swam the algae lit up with millions of tiny bioluminescent organisms you could actually see them individually or activate them with wide strokes for a bigger glow. It was a magical experience and one of those moments in life that I felt so blessed to be alive on planet earth. So amazing!
On Monday we will be going to see the kids again. We will be getting interviews from Antoinette, the teachers and Simon the school’s chairman and cook. I am excited to be a part of creating media to help the kids here. We decided to give the school this little microscope that attaches to your phone. They are studying plants and we thought we could have fun with them and also film them using the laptop and projector to show the microscope images. It should be a fun day! I will share with everyone about it, when we get home Monday.