What is the Nima’s Wish Foundation?

In 2009, Nima Gibba, a young and beautiful 11-year-old girl was tragically killed in a car accident along with two mothers and a 10-year-old boy. In an instant, four lives were taken from their friends and families by the careless act of a drunk driver. As parents of Nima, we cannot express in words the magnitude of hurt we have endured as a result of her leaving us at such a young age. In order to preserve her memory, we founded the Nima’s Wish Foundation in her honor to carry out her wish of helping others. The foundation is specifically devoted to providing aid for the people of the Gambia in West Africa, where Nima’s father is from. The Gambians are hard-working, happy people but are severely lacking in educational opportunities, medical and health care assistance, agricultural projects for sustenance and overall humanitarian aid. With your contribution, a young girl’s dream of aiding those who need it most can be fulfilled.


Projects and Activities

Following a recent trip to the Gambia, we were shocked to see how many families were still cooking and heating using methods that were not only unhealthy but also depleting the natural resources of the area. Happily, we have been able to plan a collaborative stove project for the area with the Aprovecho Research Center that designed and now builds a world-class institutional stove. We are working together to bring this large stove to the Gambia, and to start manufacturing there.

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