Today was the most fabulous day ever!!! We woke up bright and early–so excited to go see the kids!!  Every minute there was even more incredible than we could’ve ever imagined! The kids were so beautiful with their curiousity and big smiles–so full of love! The teachers were all fantastic and meeting Antoinette was an absolute honor. The little blue schoolhouse barely contained all their smiling faces within its single room, separated into three classrooms by chalk boards. We spent all day with the kids (36 of them), Antoinette their three teachers–Miss Johnson k1, Miss sadler k2 teacher and principal, Mrs. Moore k3, chairman and chef Simon Moore and Miss simmonds a volunteer. Plus we met Antoinette’s son Ashanie and her baby Amelia. We all had the most excellent time!

Tom looked at the site for solar power viability and he says it is perfect! I read a book to the kids and gave each one an opportunity to get their picture taken. They loved it!  We all had a lunch together and they treated us to their special holiday drink, sorrel juice. I filmed everyone as they thoroughly enjoyed the camera and laptop donations. Now we’re back to our room and I still can’t quit smiling!  It has made our hearts feel so good to be able to help in this way while we’re here. When you see our photos I don’t think you will be able to not have your hearts melted too.