Both Tom and I are sitting here with smiles still leftover from yesterday!  It was such a great day and we are already planning our trip to go visit the school again.  We don’t want to disrupt their schedule too much, so we will wait about a week to go back to do interviews with Antoinette and the teachers.  We can hardly wait!

My hope is that our videos and photos can be useful tools for the fundraising needed to help the school more.  I know that seeing their little faces will change our lives forever.  We can no longer even imagine our lives without being able to help and support Antoinette in her effort to brighten the futures of all those beautiful children.
My husband enjoyed the day gardening and in the evening we had rasta pasta and a smoothie at the restaurant across the street from our room.  We sat at a table 4 ft. away from the waves rolling in.  We walked along the beach and listened to live music (The Mighty Diamondsin ) from our beach chairs under the full moon.  A beautiful night to follow a beautiful day. We must be in paradise!