Today we enjoyed just taking it slow for a day. Tom prepared the solar site selector, to take with us tomorrow when Atoinette picks us up. We gathered the donations from us, Nextstep, Eliman and Alex. They’re all ready to go. Antoinette has given us permission to film at the school and she will pick us up at 10am, so we can spend the day there.

We enjoyed good homemade food, made for us by miss Norma and relaxed Jamaican style. Life is easy going here. People aren’t in such a big hurry, like in the U.S. We had smoothies by the seaside and looked at local crafts along the beach. We chose a beautiful little carved turtle bowl to bring home. It’s about 9pm and we plan to go for an evening swim while they’re playing music tonight.
We’re so excited to meet the kids tomorrow. I told everyone here all about Nima’s Wish Foundation. We are so happy to be a part of doing great things for kids here. We met a woman named Rita who also brings supplies for a school in Negril. We enjoyed sharing our happiness about helping the kids. It is such a complete honor to be a part of this good work.