Tom and I rode to Negril yesterday with our friend Barbara, her twin brother Bruce and several other new friends. We arrived at our little room across the street from the beach and then ate dinner by the sea at Kambayu, a beautiful resort.  It has the prettiest little grass hut bathrooms and 2 giant bird cages, each with a parrot inside. Their food is fabulous and dining at the ocean side was a great end to a great day. Bruce shared with us all about his venture to grow almonds and we talked about our desire to bring solar electricity to Jamaicans. We will be going to visit his farm. He knows a lot about shipping materials and even has info about rules for solar electricity installations here.
We stay with a local family. Four years ago we pitched in toward building another little guest room here and they just finished it. Having the extra room to rent helps them in an ongoing way and it makes it so we have a place to come back to here. It is simple and beautiful and I love it! Norma owns this land and we arrived to big hugs from her, her children and grandchildren.
It feels so great to be here. I shared my excitement with Barbara, about helping to support the school here and that we will be meeting Antoinette. She is excited for us to be able to help people here and it makes me feel good that we can help the children especially. The children are our future. No matter where you go that is true.
 We woke up to the puppies and baby chickies and Tom helped with the garden today. When we came for our honeymoon, Tom planted a garden outside Barbara’s kitchen window. It has baby bananas, a noni tree and other tropical plants. She loves it and today Tom dug up new plants to add.
Thunder and Barbara live together here every winter. Thunder roasts the most incredible  blue mountain coffee. We slept in and he was roasting coffee over the fire pit when we woke up. Tom enjoyed several cups and was full of energy all day. We swam in the ocean during sunset while listening to live music. This place is magical and we are happily enjoying paradise.